About me

I'm a new Red River College graduate trying to break out into the world of 3D animation. I discovered my passion for ceating animation unexpectedly while studying Fine Art at the University of Manitoba. One drawing assignment, a pencil, and 350 sheets of paper later I was hooked. Starting from traditional 2D animation, then having fun with a few stop-motion animations,

I thought I'd give 3D animation a try. I've been tumbling down that rabbit hole ever since.


While I focus on animation, I'm still skilled at other facets of 3D computer graphics and regularly work in Maya, Nuke, Zbrush, Photoshop, and many other programs. I can model, uv, texture, light, and composite, but animation is my passion.


I'm excited to be starting my career as a 3D Character Animator and I look forward to to finding a studio where I can play a varied cast of interesting characters.